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Sculptures & COLLECTIONS

Random Vanitas

The Random Vanitas explore the mystery of the ephemeral. They set in bronze, likewise photography, a fleeting glimpse of reality, a moment of the Heraclitus stream.


A collection of deities, instinctively clotted in clay, bronze, stone. A devotion of the old times, idols of a primal cult.

Mythos Fructus

Functional objects, precious sculptures, each of them gives a witty yet modern vision of Myths and civilization.

Titanic & megaliths

Numinous titans, suspended in equilibrium, these uncanny statuettes are old cairns of bronze and stone to behold.

Unknown Allegories

A gallery of busts, showcasing diverse archetypes of our common humanity ; diverse moments in the life of every human being.
The holiness of Death, the fragility of Love, the Piety which rise and fall, the banality of Wisdom.

Epigraphic artefacts

Typographic remains of medieval wanderings, these liturgical stones have been cast in bronze, as if their messages fought against the disaster of time.